Sheeba and the Private Detectives is a series featuring four curious friends who love adventures. These young heroes travel all around Pakistan in search of local ‘mysteries’. Sheeba, Reemi, Majid and Qulsoom apply science, mathematics and a dose of common sense sleuthing to solve the gravest of community conundrums. They are armed with a cart-load of books and cheered on by their fearless pets, Speedy (a dog of mixed origins) and Tufaan (a temperamental donkey).

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Meet Sheeba, Qulsoom, Reemi, Majid, Tufaan the donkey and Speedy the dog. Together they are Sheeba And The Private Detectives!

1300+ schools across Pakistan
Linked with international curriculum grades 2 to 6
36 week read-a-thon; a comprehensive child development and reading program
36 comic issues in print, digital and audio
Engaging stories embedded with math and science concepts
500K children across Pakistan